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    All dogs need and enjoy daily exercise. The amount of exercise your dog needs depends not only on its size, but also on its breed. Some small dogs (such as the jeckrussell terrier and the small German terrier) are very energetic, while some large dogs (such as the Newfoundland terrier and the St. Bernard rescue dog) are not so energetic. When the dog is young, it is lively and active, so it does not need extra exercise. When the dog grows up, it often needs to be taken out for a walk.

    Do not take the dog outdoors until the dog has been vaccinated and approved by the veterinarian. If the dog is growing up, don’t overload it because their bones are not strong enough to cope with the pressure of excessive exercise. A small amount of exercise should be done before the dog is fully mature. Large dogs mature later than small dogs. You can consult the breeder or veterinarian for information.

    Walking not only keeps the dog healthy, but also enables it to experience new things, including meeting other dogs. This will help them to grow into a happy dog and adapt to the environment, and will avoid behavior problems. Their exercise should be monitored and dogs should not be allowed to wander around. Don’t shut the dog out during the day to make him or her own life. Walking or running every day will keep your dog (and perhaps you) in good shape and avoid obesity. Medical and veterinary experts say most owners of obese dogs are also overweight.

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