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    Empty nest elderly and left behind children is a very common phenomenon. Because many parents are busy with their work, they spend little time with their children. Children can’t communicate with their parents for a long time, which will inevitably lead to some loneliness in psychology. In the long run, children will become reticent and not communicate with others. But raising dogs can alleviate this problem.

    1. Love each other. In the process of playing with puppies, in the process of mutual love and sharing, children can feel the experience of giving and receiving love between them and pets, which is an important experience for children to get after establishing close relationship with pets.

    2. Increase self-confidence. Pets don’t care about their children’s grades in school, or whether they do something wrong or are mischievous. No matter what kind of setbacks a child suffers, they will give him unconditional attention and make him gain confidence. At this time, dogs can be said to be a playmate with whom they can completely open their hearts, and in the process of playing with them, they can gradually forget their loneliness and be enriched.

    3. Dogs are reliable partners. If children rarely contact their parents, they will inevitably lack the objects to talk to. Dogs can be good listeners for them and accept unconditionally. In this way, children will not hide their thoughts completely in their hearts. It can be said that they have found a good way to talk.

    4. The improvement of social ability. Usually at home, dogs can be said to be a good social object, and children’s social ability can be exercised very well, and children will also have topics to negotiate with people because of pets, and share the fun together. In addition, compared with children, small animals are weaker and need to be taken care of. Children who often take care of small animals are more likely to pay attention to and help vulnerable groups, showing compassion, love and responsibility.

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