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    A lot of emergencies often happen inadvertently, so we should have a good grasp of some emergency handling skills, so when dogs encounter any special situation, we can take corresponding rescue measures, and our emergency handling is likely to save the lives of dogs. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a common emergency treatment for dogs. Following will introduce it.

    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, CPR is composed of two parts: cardiac compression and artificial respiration, which need to be implemented immediately in the emergency of dog heart rate disappearing. Usually if the dog’s breathing stops, they will soon enter a state of cardiac arrest. Make sure the dog’s respiratory tract is clear, and perform artificial respiration. When it is found that there is no physiological reaction (cardiac arrest) in pet dogs and cats, it is the same with CPR.

    First, keep the respiratory tract of pet dogs and cats unblocked! This step must not be ignored!
    1. First, carefully open the mouth of pet dogs and pull out the tongue to put it outside the mouth.

    2. Ensure that the neck of pet is not twisted, Try to keep the head and neck in a straight line.

    3. After that, let the pet dog’s mouth close again, and then blow air to the pet dog from the nose.

    4. The exhalation frequency is about 12 times per minute (about 5 seconds).

    5. If the third step is found to be blocked, it may be necessary to check whether there is any foreign body in the respiratory tract!

    6. If there is any foreign body found, There may be a need for Heimlich first aid.

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