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    Summer is the most frequent season for mosquito activities. Everyone has deep understanding of how much these mosquitoes hate. Maybe we don’t think mosquitoes have any effect other than making us feel uncomfortable, but they have a great potential threat to our health, because they can spread the virus by sucking blood. So it’s not just us, dogs should also prevent mosquito bites in summer.

    Mosquitoes have no virus themselves, but they are carriers of the virus. They can infect each other by biting. Mosquito diseases are mainly transmitted by bringing the virus into the blood. This kind of infection is quite terrible, especially some large-scale epidemic diseases are major disasters for life. Mosquitoes can not only spread diseases between people, but also between people and animals. Suppose a family has the flu together, the mosquito may infect the virus to the family pet, this kind of mutual infection is more serious.

    The dog’s coat can keep the body temperature and block mosquitoes and ultraviolet rays. Many dogs will shed their hair in summer. If the owner takes the dog to shave at his own will, it is not good for the dog, because when the dog has been shaved, it can play a certain role in blocking the mosquitoes. However, when the dog has been shaved, it will be very easy to be bitten, so it may be infected with some diseases. So if it’s not necessary, don’t shave your dog’s coat in summer, because coat is a kind of protection for them. They can effectively prevent mosquitoes from biting their bodies, which greatly reduces the chance of being infected with diseases.

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