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    It’s very important to take care of dog’s teeth regularly. If the dog’s teeth have problems, it will be difficult for the dog to bite the food, and the natural health is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, every dog owner must pay attention to the cleaning and nursing work of dog teeth at ordinary times. Dog’s teeth are used to chew and chew food, especially to chew hard bone. However, when food scraps or scraps are stored in the crevices, they can cause bacteria to grow in the crevices, lead to caries or gingival inflammation, and affect the appetite and digestion of dogs. Some breeds of dogs, such as Yorkshire and gentlewoman, can easily grow light yellow to tan calculus.
    For the sake of your dog’s health, you should check your dog’s teeth regularly. Once the above problems are found, they need to be dealt with in time. Here are some simple ways to clean your dog’s teeth:
    1. Brush your dog’s teeth with a wet cotton ball dipped in tooth powder. Don’t use toothpaste for people, because dogs don’t like the taste of toothpaste. They need to brush their teeth once a week. (you can also use a special toothpaste for dogs)
    2. Usually you can let dogs eat some bones. Because this can not only satisfy the dog’s desire to nibble, but also achieve the purpose of brushing and fixing teeth. But note: we must buy some big bones of cattle and sheep, and never give the dog the bones of chickens and ducks. The bones of these poultry are very easy to form broken bones and scratch the dog’s throat. (It’s OK to buy some dog biting glue.)

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