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    Does your dog eat leftover food? Do you eat every day, occasionally or not at all? It’s best for a dog not to eat any leftovers and leftovers. It’s not a big problem to eat occasionally. But if your dog eats leftovers and leftovers every day, it is advised that you to change his diet. Dogs eat people’s leftovers and leftovers every day is a lot of shortcomings!

    People eat too much salt in their meals. We all know that dogs can’t eat too much salt. People eat food according to people’s taste. There must be too much salt in leftovers and meals for dogs. Eating for dogs for a long time will cause problems such as dog hair falling. Dogs only eat leftovers will be unbalanced and unscientific, easy to get sick. Besides eating and eating, people also eat a lot of things every day, such as fruits, snacks, drinking many different kinds of drinks, etc., the nutrition from the dinner alone is very limited, and these things help us to supplement other things Nutrients. Dogs are different. They eat almost nothing but food every day, and drink only white water. So if they eat leftovers every day, they may get sick because of unbalanced nutrition, such as malnutrition, and may cause excessive obesity.

    Leftovers or broken meals will cause gastrointestinal problems for dogs. Dogs will not chew slowly when eating, especially a hungry dog, if the food goes bad, it will eat up without hesitation. It is easy to cause this problem by eating leftovers for dogs overnight. Especially in summer, food is easy to deteriorate. If dogs eat spoiled food, they will have gastroenteritis, or even die of food poisoning.

    Eating leftovers is not good for the dog’s teeth. Hard dog food is good for the dog’s teeth, which I have always said. The leftovers are very soft. It is impossible for dogs to rub the tooth surface during eating. Moreover, a large amount of food residues will remain on the dog’s tooth surface, forming calculus, which is dangerous to the health of teeth. So, in general, if you love dogs, don’t only give them leftovers and leftovers for a long time. The healthiest food for dogs is dog food, especially dog dry food. There are different kinds of dog food for dogs in different situations. It’s not only nutritious, but also good for teeth.

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