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    Obesity in golden retrievers is a growing problem that can cause many problems, including heart disease, joint problems and diabetes. Almost half of all dogs in the United States are obese, especially beagle, dachshund, basset and Labrador. The dog can lose weight before it reaches the baseline for insulin injection. It may take a year, but it’s definitely worth it. Can’t even puppies be overweight?

    Don't make the dog too fat

    Don’t make the dog too fat

    For all dogs to be healthy, they need to be slim, not fat. If you can touch the ribs of the dog, the ribs are not completely covered by fat, indicating that the weight of the dog is normal from the side, the abdomen of the dog should be folded from the top, and the front of the hip of the dog should have an obvious waist. When you touch the ribs, you should be able to count the gaps between the ribs. Of course, you don’t need to be able to count them with your eyes. One of the main reasons why a dog is overweight is to give it the rest of the food on the table. Although feeding it leftovers is a very interesting thing, it will have serious consequences. One of them, of course, is to make the dog not sure who is the head of the family. The leader is the first to eat. If a dog is fed before or during a meal, the status of the family becomes unclear. In addition, table leftovers do not necessarily provide proper nutrition for dogs. For example, many dogs that eat leftovers get vitamin A poisoning and get excess protein and phosphorus. If dogs are fed only leftovers, they usually do not get enough calcium and may suffer from hyperthyroidism.

    One way to reduce the weight of an obese dog is to stick to the same feeding schedule, but reduce the amount of feed. But using this method, dogs may increase whine. So many owners choose to add large volumes of vegetables to their food. You can also choose a special low heat food, which is bulky and makes the dog feel like getting more food. Dogs don’t usually like low calorie food, but eventually they will eat it and get used to it.

    Another way to reduce whining is to change feeding once a day to twice a day. Don’t leave food every day. Overweight dogs can be fed two small meals, not snacks, but a meal. If you really want to snack on it, use a carrot or an apple instead. A balanced dog’s food needs at least a quarter of its protein and 1600 calories per pound, but if the dog doesn’t move much, the overweight dog needs less food. Canned dog food is generally based on 500 calories per pound, but if used as a regulated feed, it provides no more than 600 calories per pound.

    Dry food is 1500 calories per pound, semi soft or moist food is 1350 calories per pound. So if the dog weighs less than 11 pounds, it needs to be fed 4 ounces of dry food a day. 22 + lbs, 5 oz, 2250 lbs, 11 oz, 5575 lbs, 17 Oz, 75 + lbs, 3035 oz of dry food. But because each dog has different levels of food metabolism and activity, these calculations are not necessarily the most appropriate remember that a dog does not have to be fed every day, or even once every five days. In addition, sterilization does not lead to obesity.

    If the dog only chews slowly, it doesn’t need to be fed again. The process of eating slowly is longer than that of swallowing, so the dog will gain weight. If obese dogs are picky eaters, it may take a while for them to adapt to a healthy diet. Once the dog starts dieting, it’s important to understand its weight clearly. If a fat dog loses even a little weight after two weeks, you’re right to take a regular walk (twice a day) but if the dog is really fat, start not exercising too much. For overweight dogs, moderation is a key goal, which should be twice the amount of walking now. Although your dog needs cleaning up, it’s better to walk more than not to exercise enough.

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