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    After dogs enter thousands of homes, many neighbors who don’t like dogs will take a detour to win, and the relationship between neighbors gradually alienates. At the same time, the communication time between people and pets has prolonged the owner’s initiative to tease his pet out of fun, in addition to the unprincipled doting.

    Some owners also often tease their pet’s anger for fun. On the surface, teasing enlivens the entertainment atmosphere of people and pets, but pet researchers believe that teasing pets is a disaster. Because teasing is the opposite of training, so that the normal behavior of pets lost. Once out of the house, bad habits can be seen at a glance, for example, when going out for free, suddenly chasing people, biting people, chasing dogs, biting dogs, laughing and barking. Excited and manic dogs are unstable molecules, which have nothing to do with the breed.

    Therefore, in order to prevent dogs from hurting people, the owner must fully understand the type of dogs before purchasing them, and keep learning in daily life. In addition, dogs are highly sensitive to the environment, climate, time, moving objects and small changes in smell, which may be instantaneous And suddenly attacked people, even the owners.

    The preventive measures are as follows: firstly, it is necessary to wear a traction belt when going out. Because whether it’s a very small Chihuahua, or Germany Great Dane, whether it’s a trained working dog or a Tibetan mastiff dog, when they hear the scream, the sudden vibration, the external attack (shooting), the animal Scream (the dog is killed), they will have a sudden reflection.

    Second, when you come out of your house and meet your acquaintances and other dogs on a narrow road, don’t talk loudly or dance, let alone actively tease them. Because the friendly expression between people in the dog ‘s understanding is an attack.

    Third, when releasing dogs, do not use them for two purposes. Otherwise, it may be too late to deal with when pets attack others.

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