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    In the aquarium, light equipment is very important for the entire aquarium. Ornamental fish in the aquarium, aquatic landscaping and even other aquatic plants in the aquarium have a very large impact. For different species of ornamental fish and aquatic plants, the lighting time and light color are also different. The editor will analyze some of the effects of light on the aquarium for you. Those novice aquarists who are not very familiar with it, come and learn it.

    1. Aquatic Plants

    There are many photosynthetic cell clusters on the surface of aquatic plants for photosynthesis. Most of the aquatic plants in the aquarium grow in shallow water and require a large amount of light. In order to carry out the most efficient photosynthesis, the aquatic plants use the way of supplementing light. It is a plant where red cells absorb green light to become emerald green or green cells absorb red light to become a reddish plant.

    Light equipment plays a very important role in the photosynthesis of aquatic plants and has a direct impact on the growth of aquatic plants. The carbohydrates (sugars) produced by photosynthesis are the nutrients that water plants depend on for their livelihoods, so light is an indispensable energy source during the growth of water plants. Therefore, the use of artificial light sources has become one of the most important determinants of the success of aquatic plant cultivation.

    Aquatic plants not only require a certain degree of light, but also a certain degree of light quality. Aquatic plants must choose the spectrum suitable for their photosynthesis and assimilation from the light. Not all solar spectrum lines can be applied to these two effects. According to experiments, the most appropriate light quality for the photosynthesis of aquatic plants is blue. Therefore, if artificial lighting is to replace natural light, the spectral line of the artificial light source should be close to the spectral line in the blue or red region.

    2. Fish

    Light equipment has an absolute relationship with the growth of the pigment body of fish and the precipitation and absorption of vitamin D. Due to the relationship of light, the pigment cells of many fishes gather more on the back, while the color of the abdomen is relatively light and large. As far as most coral reef fish are concerned, almost all of them are covered with bright and bright colors, which are caused by the precipitation of pigment cells by sunlight.

    In addition to marine fish, freshwater fish also have similar reasons. We know that many fish must be exposed to sunlight for a period of time during their development period, otherwise their chromosomal cells cannot be deposited and absorbed. When they grow up, the fish body It will become bleaching.

    3. Invertebrate

    Most molluscs grow in rocky areas. From 3 meters to 20 meters in depth, the most beautiful area for these molluscs. At this depth, sunlight belongs to the strong light area, so most mollusks must be powerful light sources.

    Living corals are mainly composed of organisms called polyps that absorb calcium from the sea. At the same time, there are countless fine seaweeds around the cells. Seaweed pigments include chlorophyll, lutein and yellow pigments. It is known that the colorfulness on corals is The formation of pigments related to photosynthetic pigments. The sea anemones in the rock reef aquarium have a biological clock-like work and rest. When the light source is dark, they close together, and when the light source is bright, they stretch their soft tentacles for food. If there is no light source or insufficient light source, they will die faster.

    As you can see from the above, the impact of light on the entire aquarium is very large. Many aquarists have doubts about buying a lighting lamp for the aquarium. I believe that after reading the above analysis, you will understand why the lighting equipment is important for the aquarium. It’s very important for me.

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