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    Dog’s eyes may not be able to play a real role during the daytime, but the advantage of the dog’s vision at night is highlighted. Compared with us, the dog’s night vision is much stronger. In the weak light, the dog’s ability to distinguish objects is still very strong. Therefore, we usually can’t care the dog’s eyes carelessly. Vitamin A has a very good help to the dog’s eyes. So what’s the effect of vitamin A on the dog’s eyes?

    On the one hand, vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining normal vision. It is the composition of photosensitive substances in visual cells, namely, rhodopsin sensitive to low light and three photosensitive substances sensitive to red light, green light and blue light respectively. When people or animals lack vitamin A, they can’t synthesize enough rhodopsin, so they can’t see objects in weak light, that is, night blindness.

    On the other hand, if vitamin A is deficient, it will keratinize the epithelial tissue. Lacrimal gland epithelium stagnates the secretion of tears, makes eyes dry, and causes dry eye disease, so vitamin A is also called anti dry eye vitamin. In addition, vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of epithelial tissue, normal physiology and reproduction.

    How to prevent the lack of vitamin A? There are two main ways to cause vitamin A deficiency, one is primary deficiency: vitamin A is rich in green vegetables, carrots, animal liver and meat, if the food is short of these substances for a long time, it is easy to lead to primary vitamin deficiency. One is secondary deficiency: when dogs suffer from gastroenteritis, it affects the conversion of vitamin A into vitamin A, and the absorption and storage of vitamin A in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, in the case of gastroenteritis and long-term diarrhea, it is easy to lead to the secondary lack of vitamin A. at this time, we should pay more attention to vitamin a supplement.

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