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    Scientific dog owners all know that dog leash is necessary for dogs. Although we have repeatedly mentioned that dogs should wear leash, many owners feel that leash restricts their freedom. Following will show you the eight benefits of dog hauling rope for you.

    1. Increase dog’s obedience, strengthen owner’s status, make dog more obedient and obedient;
    2. Prevent dog from losing, some dogs are naughty and playful, parents can’t call back, and you can’t run fast, dogs are easy to lose;
    3. To prevent dog traffic accidents, many comrades have learned a lesson from this situation.
    4. To prevent dogs from eating poisonous or rotten food by mistake, such as rat medicine;
    5. To prevent dogs from fighting and injury, other dogs or cats may not be vaccinated, so it’s better to be careful. The injury is very dangerous. If you get rabies or other infectious diseases from other dogs, it will be troublesome;
    6. Preventing dogs from pulling randomly, causing neighbors to get bored and complain;
    7. Preventing random mating, reducing unwanted pregnancy and serial dog birth!
    8. Prevent dogs from biting or scaring others, such as neighbors, the elderly, children, etc. It’s a small matter to lose money, and it will seriously worsen the external environment of our dog owners!

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