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    Many parents shave their dogs’ hair in order to cool them off in summer. Many dogs will have emotions after shaving. Don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t get close to the owner, so what are the feelings of dogs?

    1. Angry. Some pets cherish their hair very much. If you cut it, you will lose your temper and even attack the people who want to plunder it. Countermeasures: if this is the case, you especially want to cut the pet’s hair. It is suggested to find someone who specializes in pet beauty to solve it. In this way, people with rich experience will deal with the pet’s impatience. Secondly, the little guy will not be angry with you.

    2. Depressed. After some pets have been shaved, especially when they have shaved hard, or even shaved off, they feel that the hair is quite different from the original. They may not be able to accept it psychologically. They are depressed and hide in the corner alone. No one can call them out. They are strict and even unwilling to go out for a walk. Countermeasures: if the owner doesn’t know that his baby will have this kind of reaction after being trimmed and shaved, then you have to wait for him to turn around the corner, and remember not to shave him again later!

    3. Inferiority complex. Some pets feel that shaving is good as if they had a sterilization operation, and their body lacks some functions, so they become inferiority complex Come, originally very lively change is not lively, when going out to stroll, also do not like to contact with familiar similar partners, skate to walk their own. Countermeasures: the owner doesn’t have to worry about it. He should touch and comfort your dog more, praise its beauty with gentle tone, and play with it more to make it happy. If you don’t want to go out for a walk, don’t force it to come out. In fact, the pet’s coat grows very fast, and it will grow up in a few days. Then the dog’s mood will naturally improve.

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