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    When we feed dogs, we may think that dogs eat everything, so we don’t care about the ingredients of the food they eat. But today, we will tell you that there must be protein in the dog food, and certainly not excessive. Let’s take a look at the specific reasons below! Protein is the most abundant substance except water in dogs.

    It is composed of various tissues and organs in the body, various enzymes involved in substance metabolism, antibodies that make the body immune. Proteins also play an important role in the formation of fetuses, milk and repair tissues. Protein is composed of amino acids, which can be divided into essential amino acids and non essential amino acids. Essential amino acids refer to the amino acids that can not be synthesized or synthesized slowly in dogs, but must be obtained from food. In general, adult dogs need about 5g protein per kilogram of body weight per day, while growing dogs need about 10g protein per kilogram of body weight per day. The diet of lactating and disease recovery dogs needs more protein. If the supply of protein or some essential amino acids is insufficient, the metabolism of protein in dogs will be disordered, appetite will be reduced, growth will be delayed, weight will be reduced, immunity will be reduced, and it is easy to get sick; the sexual desire of male dogs will be reduced, semen quality will be reduced; the oestrus of female dogs will be irregular, and it is not easy to get pregnant, even if the pregnant fetus is also often maldeveloped, resulting in abnormal or stillborn.

    But protein feeding should not be excessive. Excessive protein feeding will not only cause waste, but also cause metabolism disorder in dogs, which will lead to dysfunction of heart, liver, digestive tract, central nervous system, sexual dysfunction, and even acidosis.

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