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    The importance of dog’s eyes is self-evident. If there is an eye problem, it will have a very serious impact on life. Eyes are equally important for dogs, especially at night. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the dog’s eye care at ordinary times, especially for dogs with prominent eyes, such as pug and Pekingese, so let’s talk about the dog’s eye care skills.

    1. Check the eyes regularly to see if there is any eye worm in the dog’s eyes, what is the structure and function of each part of the eye, and if there is any possibility of disease, etc.

    2. Clean your eyes. Don’t play in dusty areas to prevent dust particles from invading your eyes. When you come back from walking, brush your eyes with cotton ball and dip a small amount of warm and light salt water (it’s better to use special eye wash liquid and tear wash liquid) to gently wipe your eyes or drop them directly Drop 1-2 drops into the eye to remove the dust and foreign matters in the eye; never allow soap foam, detergent, sewage, etc. to enter the eye when bathing, and wash the eye with normal saline immediately if it enters carelessly. For large and protruding dogs, regular inspection should be carried out, usually twice a day, to check whether there are filaments such as hair attached to the conjunctival sac and cornea surface. Once found, they should be taken out or washed with water in time.

    3. Prevent eye injury. In order to avoid the strong stimulation of sunlight on the eyes, the hair around the eyes is usually reserved or slightly trimmed, but it should not be too short (the hair around the eyes has the function of preventing the strong light from directly attacking the eyes); dogs and cats should not be raised in the same room, because “cats and dogs are enemies”. When the two play and fight, the dog’s eyes are often the place where the cat attacks. In addition, often cut and polish the dog’s toenails to prevent it from injuring its eyeballs.

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