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    Giant Pangasius is very fierce. No matter how different its size is, it is willing to try to hunt. What should we do when we raise the Giant Pangasius? The following will show you some knowledge about the knowledge of Giant Pangasius.

    What does Giant Pangasius eat?
    The feeding method is basically the same as blue shark, which is much bolder than blue shark. Giant Pangasius like to eat small fish, shrimp, can also feed artificial feed. Strong constitution, not easy to get sick. It can be mixed with small and large fish such as Arowana fish, Arapaima, Phractocephalushemioliopterus, etc. This fish is fierce and should not be mixed with small fish and warm fish.

    How to raise the Giant Pangasius?
    The water temperature should be controlled at 26-29 degC, and the temperature should be constant. Wait for the water to produce nitrifying bacteria and then fish. Do not feed the fish for 1-2 days after the fish is just dropped off. In the future, the feeding amount shall be based on the principle of eating in 2 minutes. Do everything according to the opportunity. Do not feed too much at a time, and feed one day at a time. It’s good for the fish to starve once a week. To be honest, the fish is also very good. In order to raise tropical fish, it is necessary to use heating rod and filter. If it is a large tropical fish, it is also necessary to add oxygen. Add some ceramic rings to the filter tank of the filter, add a water goblin to the air outlet of the air pump in the water, so as to grow as many nitrifying bacteria as possible in the water, which is very good for fish and not suitable for illness. Many of the above-mentioned equipment can be bought in the pawch mall, which is very convenient.

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