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    The Imperial Parrots are typical climbing birds. Their pair of toes, two toes forward and two toes backward, are very suitable for grasping. The Imperial Amazon Parrots has a very bright plumage and a very handsome appearance. It is the national bird of Dominica.

    Appearance Characteristics of Imperial Parrot

    The appearance of the Imperial Parrot is very handsome. They have bright plumage, piercing eyes, and are born with a noble imperial atmosphere. They are also the national bird of Dominica. For the specific appearance, please refer to the picture of the Imperial Parrot.

    The Imperial Amazon parrot is 45-50 cm long and weighs 650g-900g. It is the largest Amazon parrot. The males and females are almost the same in appearance. The bird is green with black piping around the feathers; the head is purple-brown, the feathers near the neck are blue-green, and the outside is black piping; the cover feathers on the ears are reddish brown , The cheeks are purple-brown with narrow black edges; the throat, chest, and lower abdomen are all purple with black edges; the tail coverings are olive green with blue-green tips; the wings are green with the edges It is red, the background color is blue-purple with some green, the tip is brown; the feathers on the inner side of the wings are green, the tip is a little blue; the feathers in the middle of the tail are reddish-brown, the tip is a little blue-green, the beak and feet Gray-black, the iris is bright orange.

    Breeding Environment of Imperial Parrot

    It is rare for the Imperial Parrot to be raised in captivity. They often like to inhabit forests, palm trees, open plains, woodlands, farming areas and other places. The Imperial Parrot in the wild has its own living habits, which can be domesticated after being raised in captivity.

    The Imperial Parrot usually act alone or in pairs, and occasionally gather in groups of about 10, sometimes together with the red-necked Amazon parrot (note: another rare Amazon parrot that only exists in Dominica) in the perching tree She likes to live high in the canopy of tropical rain forests, avoiding natural enemies in taller treetops, very quiet and good at using the protective color of the body as a cover, so it is quite difficult to find. Personality is careful and cautious. In the morning and twilight every day, he will scream loudly. If he is frightened by a gunshot sound, he will make a short scream, and then suddenly stop moving. Observe whether the situation is urgent and needs to fly away.

    Feeding points for the Imperial Amazon parrot

    The Imperial Parrot is the national bird of the Dominica. It is mainly distributed in Dominica. There are relatively few cases of captive breeding of Imperial Amazon parrots. If you are lucky enough to raise them, you can refer to their food in the wild.

    The Imperial Parrot in the wild usually work in pairs or small groups. The main food is fruits, berries, seeds, nuts, flowers, and plant shoots. The Imperial Parrot usually act alone or in pairs, and occasionally gather groups of about ten.

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