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    The Great Dane, one of the obvious characteristics of the Great Dane is that it is “big”. The adult Great Dane is very tall, and it is easy to feel awe at a glance. But this kind of dog is brave and loyal, and gentle to its owner. In addition, the dog is also a breed that is easy to train, and can be fed with guard dogs with strong training ability and high obedience.
    1. From the aspect of hair color, the most popular colors are golden, white and black. The above three colors are required to have luster and smooth touch. Physical appearance requirements: the chest is very thick, the back is strong, the waist is slightly round, the limbs are straight, the bone is flat, and the hind limbs are long and powerful. Hold the toes tightly, with bulge and dark claw. Eye size is medium, deep and dark. Lively and active, responsive, stable mood, like close relatives, and smart, alert. The conjunctiva is pink, the eyes are bright without tears, no secretions, no trauma or scars. The nose is moist, cool, without serous or purulent secretion. The mouth is clean and moist, with pink mucous membrane, no tongue coating, no halitosis, and no skin disease on the surface.
    2. The dog food is still the main food in the breeding of Great Dane dogs, and some livers can be fed occasionally, but not frequently. The diet should be fixed at a fixed time. Pay attention to calcium supplement in the growing period to avoid bone problems. Feeding of pregnancy and lactation: before mating, the female dog must be deworming, for the first 30 days of pregnancy, and it is not necessary to add special feed to the female dog when the fetus is still small. After 30 days, the fetus develops rapidly, and the demand for various nutrients increases continuously. At this time, the female dog should be fed three times a day, and should also be properly supplemented with food rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, etc. After 50 days of pregnancy, when the fetus grows up and the abdominal cavity is full, it needs more meals and less feeding. From 5 days before delivery to 20 days after delivery, the female dog must be fed with enough milk producing food.
    Don’t neglect calcium supplement work in its growing period Feeding of puppies: the mother dog should be nursed by more than two people when giving birth. Within one or two minutes after giving birth, the puppies must be allowed to eat the colostrum of the mother dog. For each pup just given birth, the mother dog must be allowed to lick the blood on the body. If the existing puppies do not breathe and shout when they are just given birth, it will appear the phenomenon of pseudo death. At this time, the head can be down, swing the dog body left and right, and gently and rhythmically When pressing the chest wall, if you can’t breathe or shout, you must suck the amniotic fluid from the mouth and nose of the pup with your mouth. After 3-4 minutes of artificial respiration, the pup can start breathing. At this time, put the pup into the female dog to keep warm. If the mother dog can’t break the fetal membrane when the pup is born, it is necessary to cut the fetal membrane with shear force to take out the pup. If the mother dog can’t break the umbilical cord of the pup, it is necessary to cut the umbilical cord 2cm away from the liver umbilical cord with shear force in time. In the first few days of the pup’s birth, a special person must be assigned for 24-hour care to prevent the mother dog from crushing and stepping on the fetal membrane and dying. After 2 months of age, the growth speed of the Great Dane will obviously accelerate, and the monthly weight gain can reach 7-8kg, especially the calcium supplement is needed. During this period, pay attention to the calcium supplement, let the dog bask in the sun, and usually take the dog to do proper exercise.
    3. Do a good job in daily management. It is necessary to vaccinate the dog in order to protect the dog from the virus. After 40 days, the dog can be vaccinated for the first time, three times in the first year and once a year later. Usually pay attention to do a good job in cleaning care, do a good job in insect repellent work, to ensure the health of dogs.

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