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    Dispar Anthias are mainly produced in the Indian Ocean, Maldives and other places. It’s also known as a kind of sea goldfish. Sea goldfish is a very good-looking species in the aquarium, and it’s the best toner in the monotonous decoration tank. However, it is recommended not to feed too many together, so that the landscaping tank looks too bullet point and loses its natural flavor.

    The body length can reach up to 15cm at most. Both Dispar Anthias juveniles fish are females. They are orange, which are very beautiful and unique. They are small but delicate. When it is mature, it will turn into a male with a reddish brown body color. In addition to the light color of the breech fins, each fin is orange red to pink. There is a pink round spot on the pectoral fin, the dorsal fin is bright red, and there is no red mottling on the tail, while the female is orange.

    Although Dispar Anthias have a mild temperament, one of the distinctive features of this fish is that when the dominant males die, the larger females in this group will change to males to replace them. They usually live in the coral reef area in the wild and like to move in the shallow water area. The social class behavior of Goldilocks is very obvious. Small fish are in the bottom, female fish are in the middle, and only a few male fish are in the top water area.

    For the breeding of Dispar Anthias, it is generally placed in a 350 Liter Aquarium for breeding. The water temperature for domestic breeding should be within the range of 24-27 degC, and the requirements for water quality for breeding of sea goldfish are also very strict. First, the pH value should be between 8.1-8.4, and the salinity should be between 1.020-1.025. If you put it in a aquarium with more than 600 liters, you can match one male with 10 females. When placed separately, a 100 litre aquarium is enough.

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