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    The Arapaima is also a type of arowana, which belongs to the giant bone tongue fish in the subject, the American arowana in the region, and among the various species of the arowana, it is also a large body. The largest size of the silver arowana grown in the wild is one meter long, but the Arapaima is up to 5 meters long and weighs up to 200 kg. Among freshwater fish, it is also a “heavyweight” figure.

    The Arapaima is much longer than other arowanas, showing a fusiform shape with a flat front part, a thick middle part, and a flat back part. Its head is especially different from other dragonfish. It is very long, even more than half of its body length. The snout is sword-shaped, the front end is narrow and flat, and the base is wide and thick. The kiss must be short and characterized by its ventral surface. The eyes are also smaller.

    The surface of the head is covered with plum blossoms (details introduced) and spotted nerve cells. The gill holes are large, especially the Arapaima has a smooth surface and no shiny scales. Although it is not as colorful and shiny as the gold arowana and red arowana, it is also incomparable because of its special characteristics. Ornamental value. There are 8 prismatic scales on the tail scale of the Arapaima, which extends backwards to the upper leaf of the tail fin. The starting point of the dorsal fin is the ventral fin, which is composed of unbranched fins. Its caudal fin is crooked, the upper leaf is more developed, and there is a row of spinous scales. The head, back, and caudal fins are bluish gray, while the abdomen is white.

    To raise Arapaima, we must first prepare an aquarium suitable for the healthy growth of Arapaima according to their body characteristics and living habits.

    The Arapaima generally develops color in 18-22 months, and will mature in all aspects within 2 years. In terms of body size, the 1.5-meter fish tank at home can only grow Arapaima up to about 1 meter. The Arapaima grows rapidly. Foreign impurities suggest that the aquarium for Arapaima is 4.5 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters high. Therefore, Arapaima can only be stocked in large aquariums. When Arapaima are stocked in aquariums, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient breeding space for the fish to have a wide range of activities. If the water level of the tank is low, be sure to take protective measures on the top of the tank to prevent it from popping out and causing unnecessary losses.

    In terms of living habits, Arapaima is a tropical fish and likes weakly acidic water quality. The requirements for water quality are not very strict. The suitable water temperature is between 24 degrees and 29 degrees. However, judging from your breeding experience over the years, as long as the Arapaima adapt well, the water temperature can be moderately extended to between 22 and 31 degrees. As a close relative of arowana, Arapaima requires the stability of water temperature, which cannot be changed drastically.

    The giant bream tongue Arapaima is a carnivorous fish. From the juvenile to the adult, it must be fed with animal bait to feed the active small fish. The internal organs of animals are easy to hinder the digestive system and should not be fed. Shrimp feed (buoyancy) is mostly used as artificial compound feed. A reminder: the fish are like humans who need a variety of nutrients. You can’t feed a kind of bait. A nutritious menu should be developed to ensure its nutritional balance.

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