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    Caucasian dogs are more suitable to live in cold areas as hounds, but now, as more and more people like this breed, Caucasian dogs can be seen in every corner of the world, so when feeding, we should deal with specific problems according to different regions, seasons and specific issues.

    1. Companion. The Caucasian dog was first found to be used as a hound, shepherd, etc. it has excellent physical quality and running ability. Therefore, when raising the Caucasian dog, the owner should have a certain time to accompany its movement, which can help it maintain its body shape and physical health.

    2. Space. Caucasian dogs are large dogs, so more space is needed to avoid depression of Caucasian dogs. Before raising, residents should estimate whether the space in their home can accommodate Caucasian dogs. At the same time, Caucasian dogs are best raised outdoors.

    3. Diet. Caucasian dogs have a large amount of food which is consistent with their body, which also means that raising Caucasian dogs requires relatively more economic expenditure. In the hot summer, Caucasian dogs are also prone to picky or even refuse to eat. At the same time, the hot summer food is also very easy to rot, so the breeder should ensure the freshness and quality of the food. In winter, the breeder should also guide the Caucasian dog to carry out necessary and appropriate exercise, so as to prevent the dog from becoming fat due to the consumption of calories in winter.

    4. Nature. The Caucasian dog has a natural deterrent and guard ability. It can be used as a hound, shepherd and yard dog. To keep the Caucasian nature is to make it have a corresponding sense of belonging. It’s not appropriate to just treat it as a pet dog. But no matter what, we should educate them to live in harmony with human beings.

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