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    Pay attention to the different stages of vaccination, different effects of dogs in the feeding mode should be based on the actual situation to make corresponding changes, otherwise it is easy to occur malnutrition or over nutrition, so that the strict total impact on the growth and development of dogs.

    1. The puppies before weaning should be observed several times a day to prevent the bitch from crushing the puppies. The newly born puppy can’t hear and its eyes are closed. Puppies usually open their eyes on the 9th to 13th day after birth. On the 13th to 17th day, you can hear the voice. The weak pup should be placed on the nipple when the female dog is suckling for the pup. At the same time, we should pay attention to the inspection. If the dog climbs the production bed, it should be sent back immediately. Hearing doesn’t work until one week after birth. About 21 days after the dog is born, it can walk gradually. At this time, it is necessary to prevent it from running out of the delivery room.
    2. Weaned dogs should pay special attention to weaned dogs. From weaning to 6-month-old rearing stage, it is the key to cultivate excellent dogs. The most difficult time for raising and managing dogs is usually one month after weaning. Because breast milk contains certain antibodies to ensure the health of the dog, and this protection will be relatively weakened after weaning, so this period of time is relatively easy for the dog to get sick, so special attention is needed.
    3. Puppies are a key stage to lay a good foundation for their bodies. They can be fed with milk cakes 3-4 months ago. The nutrition of milk cakes is higher than that of dog food. In this stage, dogs also have a higher demand for nutrition. Generally, after 3-4 months, it can be changed to feed puppies. Also pay attention to vaccinating dogs. Keep warm when it’s cold. Dogs at this stage are most susceptible to infectious diseases. For large and medium-sized dogs, we can properly feed some calcium supplements. It is relatively easy to raise adult dogs after they are grown up. Usually, do a good job of nursing, feeding at a fixed time, fixed point, more exercise and insect repellent.
    5. The elderly dogs are getting older and the demand for food will begin to decrease. In the selection of dog food, you can reduce some hardness. You should still take your dog to do some sports at ordinary times, but you should control the quantity and try to avoid too intense activities. Give the dog enough rest.
    6. After delivery, the delivery room should be cleaned properly to remove dirt and stillbirth. The vulva, tail, breast and other parts of the bitch should be cleaned and wiped with lukewarm water and soap. At this time, the bitch is more sensitive, so try to avoid strangers approaching the dog, so as not to stimulate emotions, panic, or even bite. Within two or three days after delivery, the amount of feed should be reduced appropriately, and gradually increased after four days, and returned to normal about one week. During the period of lactation, the female dog should secrete enough milk every day, so it can appropriately increase the amount of feeding and provide certain nutrients to strengthen nutrition. Feed 3-4 times a day, and prepare enough water for drinking at any time. In terms of nutrients, a certain amount of calcium can be properly supplemented, because the calcium in the female dog will be lost with the breast milk. Some dogs may suffer from postpartum convulsion due to the loss of calcium, so it is necessary to supplement calcium properly. Usually also want to check whether mother dog’s nipple has been bitten by puppies, if so, deal with it as soon as possible.

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