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    Husky is a medium-sized dog, and the amount of exercise is relatively large. It is necessary to ensure its nutrition in artificial breeding, but novice owners often have excessive feeding. Following will help you sort out some mistakes of husky dog food in feeding. Your favorite friends can understand them together.
    Mistake 1: Fast food must be hungry – in fact, whether hungry or not, dogs eat very fast, which is a habit left over from the wild. In the wild, facing the pressure of fierce food competition, dogs often don’t know where they’re going after a meal, so they have to eat quickly before their powerful rivals take their food. This habit hasn’t changed since the dog has become a pet, so even if your dog has a hard stomach, it won’t slow down the eating speed. Don’t think it’s starving.
    Mistake 2: A dog that eats too much is healthy – there are many owners who think that constantly giving the dog food will make the dog grow stronger, which is actually a very wrong idea. In puppies, excessive food will make the skeleton develop too fast and lead to the skeleton structure deformity. For adult dogs, excessive food and relative lack of exercise are the most common causes of obesity, while obesity will lead to many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and so on.
    Mistake 3: Husky is a greedy little guy. No matter how many things the owner gives him, he can eat all the food quickly. The owners are not happy. This does not mean that husky is very healthy. Sometimes, it must be lucky to eat. Husky eat more will cause vomiting laxity, how to do? When dogs stop eating, they are full – in fact, most dogs don’t care about delicious food. Especially for puppies, the amount of food they eat can’t be controlled. If the owner doesn’t control it, it’s easy to cause vomiting and diarrhea due to overeating, which leads to acute gastroenteritis and other digestive system diseases, while the indirect dehydration and resistance decline make dogs very easy to be infected with severe infectious diseases.

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