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    For new dog owners, especially puppies, many people don’t know how to feed them to grow up healthily. Sometimes the dog is hurt by neglecting some small links. Today we are going to talk about how to feed the dog babies correctly. When dogs are young, they must have a good feeding habit. It is time for them to eat every day. And every day, we need to clean the tableware, give enough water, and keep the healthy eating habits of dogs. In addition, the food needs to be soaked until it becomes soft before it can be used for puppies. If it is a professional puppy food or canned food, it must be strictly in accordance with the above instructions. Also about feeding times, it’s better to feed the dog three times a day when the dog is a baby, until the dog is five or six months old, it can be reduced to one or two times. Here are some taboos about feeding.

    Taboos for feeding puppies:
    1. Do not give puppies the chance to swallow chicken bones, spareribs or fish bones, because they will stay in the throat, and then break up. If they do not stay in the throat, they will slide into the body and pierce the stomach wall and intestines.

    2. Don’t let the puppies eat the leftovers of people’s food, because the dog’s demand for nutrition is different from that of human beings. If you use the human diet to regulate the dog’s food, it is not only time-consuming, but also difficult for the dog to get complete and balanced nutrition.

    3. Don’t give the puppy snacks between meals. If he obeys other training, he can give him some snacks to encourage him. 4. Don’t let the puppies eat at the table, because it will form a bad habit of begging. Special food can only be fed at the designated time and place, and the food can only be put in the bowl of the puppies, and other food utensils are not allowed to feed. In addition, don’t forget to provide enough and clean water for your dog. Dry dog food should not be mixed with milk, but with water. When the puppies are six to eight weeks old, most pet owners and doctors do not agree to put milk into the food, because drinking too much milk will diarrhea, easy to cause digestive problems.

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