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    It’s easy for novice owners in damamachi to distinguish how to feed their dogs at home, so many people will go around to find out how other people’s dogs are fed. But every dog is different, and there are different feeding times for different ages. Following will sort out the feeding times for different ages of dogs for you. Parents should learn quickly.

    1. Weaning period: 4 times a day (the same for small dogs and large dogs, 3-2 months after birth);

    2. Early childhood: 3 times a day (small dogs 2-6 months / large dogs 2-12 months);

    3. Late childhood: 2 times a day (small dogs 6-12 months / large dogs 12-18 months);

    4. Adult dogs: once or twice a day (after 13 months for small dogs / after 19 months for large dogs).

    Of course, if your dog’s stomach is not very good, you should also follow the doctor’s advice and take good care of it!

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