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    Know some first-aid methods of dogs in case they can use them for a while. Life is fragile. We can’t predict many things. If we master the correct first-aid measures, they will play a role in the critical moment, and maybe they can save their lives.

    1. Asphyxia. Dogs are particularly prone to be infarcted due to what they eat. In severe cases, asphyxia can cause hypoxia death. When you see the dog stretching his neck hard and grabbing his mouth and neck with his forepaws, it may be blocked. At this time, you can pat his back to help him vomit. If it doesn’t work, we can only go to the hospital and ask the doctor for help. Sometimes the big dog will also be blocked by bones and so on in the throat, which is also very dangerous. Please see a doctor as soon as possible.

    2. Shock: No matter what causes shock, we need to carry out necessary rescue before going to the hospital. At this time, the dog’s limbs are cold and his breath is short. Lie on your dog’s back to help him breathe more slowly by imitating artificial respiration, closing his mouth, blowing air into his nostrils, and massaging his chest at the same time. After the dog gets a little better, he is sent to the hospital to find out the cause of the shock and make corresponding treatment.

    3. Carsick: Carsick is not a disease, and the consequences are not serious. When the dog vomits, it may be carsick. Let it be quiet and get used to it after a rest. Some dogs won’t get carsick after a few rounds. For dogs with carsickness habits, do not eat or drink water before going out, and serve drugs for treating carsickness.

    4. Drowning: The dog goes ashore to drain the water in his lungs out of the body as soon as possible, lift his hind legs to make the dog appear on his head and feet, and another helper opens his mouth and compresses his chest.

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