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    When dogs enter old age, they can no longer be treated as they used to be. Their immunity is declining and they will be threatened by various infectious diseases, so at this time, we need to do a better job in regular vaccine work. In life, we should not suddenly change our habits. Here are five points I hope you can pay attention to.

    1. Epidemic prevention cannot be avoided. Dogs will be threatened by various infectious diseases when they are old, so they must be vaccinated regularly. In addition, regular bathing and grooming can accelerate blood circulation, enhance resistance and reduce the probability of infection.

    2. Regular physical examination should be done for the elderly dogs. It is better to have a physical examination once half a year in order to find the disease in time and treat it as soon as possible. Many diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, tumor and so on, once there are obvious symptoms, most of them indicate that they have entered the middle and late stage, and the treatment is difficult. If it can be found in time and treated properly, the dog’s life will be longer and the pain will be less.

    3. Keep the dog’s habits and try to keep its original living habits. It’s better not to have too big adjustment in work and rest time, and do not suddenly change its living environment, such as changing the owner, changing the nest, etc. Keep the kennel warm and dry.

    4. Food is easy to be absorbed. The food characteristics of old dogs are: high nutrition, easy to be absorbed. Old dog’s teeth are not good and gastrointestinal function is reduced. It’s better not to give it too hard food, otherwise it’s not easy to absorb; it’s better not to give it chicken liver, which is easy to cause vitamin A poisoning; it should be supplemented with more calcium, microelements, etc., in addition, it should be given sufficient water.

    5. When exercising, you should pay attention to the fact that the old dog is prone to osteoporosis, so you should take him to the sun more often; you should also let him exercise properly to prevent the visceral overload caused by obesity and some diseases of the old; you should try not to let the dog go up the stairs, because going up the stairs is easy to cause spinal injury; you should not do strenuous exercise, which is easy to cause muscle strain, fracture, etc. The hearing and vision of the old dog are declining. When going out, the owner should not be too far away, otherwise the dog will get lost easily.

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