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    The diet of Pomeranian dogs is the most basic and important part of raising dogs. The quality of diet directly affects the physical condition of dogs. If malnutrition is caused by diet problems, then dogs will have various problems. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the diet of dogs. What are the precautions for the diet of Pomeranian dogs?

    1. Choose food suitable for dogs. For example, dog food, dog biscuits, dried chicken and beef etc. Of course, the host can also feed Pomeranian in DIY food. Note: because different animals need different nutrients, do not give food such as cat food to dogs. At the same time, any salt content, spicy and stimulating food can not be given to Pomeranian.

    2. Usually, the meat for the Pomeranian should be boiled with clear water, and then cut into thin strips or small pieces for the Pomeranian. The meat can be mixed with the cooked and dried ingredients before feeding Pomeranian. Do not put other cooking materials into the cooked meat, such as pepper, salt, pepper, chicken essence, etc.

    3. You can eat meat to the Pomeranian dogs in proper amount every day, but you can’t eat meat for a long time, single or large amount. We know that meat is rich in protein and phosphorus, but vitamin A, D, e, iodine and calcium are relatively scarce. If we eat a large number of meat for a long time, it will cause malnutrition and imbalance of nutrition, which will seriously affect the absorption of calcium nutrition by the dog’s body, and will have a great adverse effect on the bone development and growth of Pomeranian dogs. In addition to abundant and sufficient food, parents should also provide sufficient and fresh drinking water for the Pomeranian, and prepare a drinking basin for it, so that the Pomeranian can drink at any time. Only when the dog’s diet is properly arranged, can the dog get the necessary nutrients and be healthy. Therefore, the owner must pay more attention to the diet of Pomeranian dogs.

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