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    If your dog is eating brand dog food, there is no need to add nutrients, because the dog food manufacturer has carried out a detailed analysis of the ratio of nutrients in the dog food to ensure that the dog will not be over nourished or under nourished. If you like to make dog food for your dog, or your dog has a lot of exercise, it’s advisable to add some nutrients properly to ensure a balanced nutrition.

    Boiled Egg Yolk: it is rich in protein, vitamin A and D. We recommend that dogs be given eggs twice a week. This will strengthen the dog’s bone structure and improve vision.

    Nuts, liver and green vegetables: these foods are rich in nutrients that are good for your dog’s muscles and fur.

    Added husk, vegetable oil and malt: supplement vitamin E.

    Do Not add food that will damage your dog’s health, such as onions, leeks, grapes, chocolate, etc.

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