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    A basin full of dog food, in fact, this is very wrong. Dog eat as long as 70/80 percent of full, do not overdo. Simply put: after a dog has finished eating, let him lick the bowl and lick it. If the dog is reluctant to leave the bowl after dinner, he can add some more properly next time, but pay attention to the right amount. Especially for the puppies before 3 months, we must pay attention to eat less and eat more than one meal at a time.

    Dogs at different stages should eat dog food at different stages. Dog owners should never give dogs food at different stages at random. Some dog owners, for the purpose of saving money or money, buy large-scale dog food for their dogs, or buy relatively cheap adult dog food for their puppies. In this way, not only the dog is not nutritious enough, but also it is very easy to digest and produce diseases. (another half of dog food + half of human food are bad feeding habits.) Generally speaking, puppies are fed with mother’s milk when they are born; after their long teeth are weaned, they can start to feed their liquid food, or the puppies’ food can be heated and blistered soft.

    When changing dog food, don’t change it all at once, mix half of the new food every time, try it for two or three days, gradually increase the new weight, and gradually replace it with a new one in 7-10 days. In this way, the dog’s digestive system can adapt, otherwise it is easy to have diarrhea. In addition, when feeding, be sure to give sufficient water at the same time. (it is not necessary to use mineral water or distilled water, just use ordinary cold water).

    Dog food is the main food, supplemented by snacks. Dog owners should give priority to dog food in their daily feeding. At present, some professional dog food is very nutritious, whether it is palatability or nutrition balance, it is very good; generally speaking, dog food should be the main food in daily life. Occasionally, dog owners can also make some meals for dogs, but pay attention to less oil, less salt and less sugar, otherwise these will be harmful to dog health. Snacks should be given less to dogs. Snack food is mainly used for the reward of life training, otherwise the dog will have a very tough mouth and will not like to eat any dog food. At the same time, such desserts as chewing gum, ice cream and cake are better to touch less: on the one hand, they are easy to cause tooth decay, obesity and gastrointestinal discomfort. At the same time, after eating too much sweet, it is very easy to cause the dog to lose appetite for dinner.

    Key points: 1. Some dogs feel that they are not eating enough all the time, but they don’t usually have enough activity and excretion. In this case, you may be really ill. You’d better take it to see a doctor. 2. Once the dog is full, it will exercise violently immediately after eating, which is very easy to dyspepsia, leading to diarrhea and vomiting. The dog owner should pay attention to not to tease the dog immediately after eating.

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