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    Many people have many misunderstandings in the process of keeping dogs. The following page on the basis of expert opinion, the common four dog mistakes. Following are some mistakes in dog keeping.
    Mistake 1. Any breed is suitable for home keeping. Many people think that no matter what kind of dog is suitable for home keeping. In fact, this idea is wrong, even dangerous. A strong dog like biter is a kind of functional dog. It is not suitable to be a family pet. If it is not fed properly, it will threaten itself and others. Not all kinds of dogs can be raised at home. We should be careful in raising strong dogs and large dogs. If there is a special preference for strong dogs, it is suggested that dog owners should learn the knowledge of the breed systematically in advance. If you can’t change your dog’s habits, you’d better turn to a qualified Pet School in time to correct your dog’s bad habits.
    Mistake 2. Good habits can be cultivated slowly. From birth to three and a half months is the golden period to cultivate good habits. Keeping a dog is like raising a child. People should form good habits when they are young. The same is true of dogs. If a dog is old enough to correct bad behavior, it will take a lot of time and effort. From birth to three and a half months, it is the golden time to modify dog behavior. During this period, dog owners can use food stimulation to let dogs know what can be rewarded and what can not be welcomed by their owners. Don’t think the dog is too small to understand, or very cute and cute, so don’t worry about it. Some dogs are friendly to their owners, but they are aggressive to others and other dogs. In order to make the pet dog submit to the owner, at the same time, let the pet dog understand to treat the owner’s friends and peers kindly. In order to achieve this goal, the pet dog can often play with other people and other pet dogs.
    Mistake 3. No matter what breed of dog the dog is beaten by its owner, it is very vengeful after violence. It’s the worst way to teach a pet dog by beating and scolding. Don’t feel that the dog you raised from childhood won’t take revenge on yourself. Dogs can’t understand people’s words, but they can judge people’s happiness, anger, sorrow and joy by the priority of people’s voice, body movements and facial expressions. So don’t beat the dog if you can, to prevent the dog from taking revenge.
    Mistake 4. Stomping and scolding can frighten dogs when people’s tone is fast and the volume is high, some pet dogs will lower their heads and shake their bodies, hiding. The language released by dogs at this time is a kind of self-protection, which is the instinct of animals and is to avoid the threat of people to it. When such a threat escalates to a direct physical injury, the dog also responds to the extent of the injury. When the dog is being disciplined, the owner is likely to scold him emotionally and stamp his foot hard, thinking that this can frighten the dog and make him obedient. In fact, such a move is the most likely to trigger the dog’s attack. If the owner still has the tools of violence, the dog is likely to attack the owner for self-protection.

    In fact, keeping a dog is also a college question. We should treat dogs with the same love and patience as children. And some of the mistakes, also hope that the owners can recognize, so that in the process of feeding can make a little less mistakes. If you have a dog, you should be responsible for the dog, yourself and others. Civilized and safe dog keeping is the most important thing.

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