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    It’s a lifetime thing to raise a spotted dog. Many habits need to be developed in normal times. In the process of daily breeding, many things need to be insisted on by the owner. After all, keeping dogs is not a temporary thing. Only if you keep and care dogs well, they will return their beauty to you.

    1. There should be a regular, quantitative, moderate and qualitative feeding system for feeding dogs: Regular feeding means that there should be a fixed feeding time every day, not earlier or later. Regular feeding can make dogs form conditioned reflex regularly, promote the regular activity of digestive gland, make the digestive system of dogs work and rest regularly, and improve the utilization rate of feed. Generally, dogs under 1 year old are fed 3 times a day; puppies within 3 months are fed 4 times a day; puppies within 2 months are fed 5 times a day; puppies within 1 month are fed 6 times a day. In winter and dogs over 1 year old, it is better to feed them early and late. It is better to feed them after exercise and form the habit of eating after defecation. Some dogs have no appetite. When they don’t like eating, they can starve them for a day to restore their appetite. Quantitative feeding means that the amount of feed per meal should be relatively fixed, which can avoid the phenomenon of dog’s uneven satiety and hunger. If the dog is fed too much, it is easy to cause indigestion; if the dog is fed too little, it will make the dog feel hungry and unable to rest quietly. Constant temperature is to adjust the temperature of feed and drinking water in time according to the change of temperature in different seasons, so as to achieve “warm in winter, cool in summer, warm in spring and Autumn”. Constant quality refers to that the preparation of dog’s diet should meet the feeding standards of dogs under different physiological conditions.

    2. Set food utensils and places: Dogs should be kept in a fixed food basin and water basin, and also in a fixed place. The special food basin for dogs should be kept clean and disinfected regularly to prevent diseases caused by unclean food utensils. In addition, dogs have fixed eating utensils and places, which can also make dogs develop good eating habits.

    3. Provide enough drinking water: Provide enough drinking water for dogs in a fixed basin, so that they can drink at any time. Tap water, well water or clean stream water shall be used for drinking water. Kitchen swill and surface water shall not be used as drinking water. Warm water shall be provided in winter, and water volume shall be increased in summer. 0.1% Bromogeramine solution or bleaching powder water can be used for disinfection of water appliances, and then the peculiar smell can be removed by bleaching with water. In addition, it can also be washed, boiled and disinfected.

    4. Regular observation of the dog’s eating situation: When feeding the dog, the dog’s eating situation should also be frequently observed. The main observation content is to see whether the dog’s appetite is good, whether the amount of eating changes, and whether the mental state changes greatly when eating. If the dog’s appetite is poor, the reason may be that the feed is not palatable or fresh, or has peculiar smell, or the feed is too salty or sweet, or all the strong light, noise or interference of other animals in the feeding field. If all of the above reasons have been eliminated, it is also possible that the dog has been ill. Please ask the veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment in time.

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