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    In the hot summer, it is very sad for dogs. In addition to the usual care, the owner should pay more attention to prevent dogs from heatstroke, air conditioning and other summer diseases. Following will tell you a few things to pay attention to when raising dogs in summer.

    1. Don’t lock the dog in the car. The owner with the car should not lock the dog in the car, because the temperature in the car is high in summer, the hot air can’t be emitted, and the air is not smooth, and the hot air on his body can’t be released, which is easy to lead to anoxia and death.

    2. Dogs also suffer from air conditioning syndrome. Dogs will suffer from air conditioning disease if they spend too long in air conditioning environment. Especially in the hot afternoon, it’s easier to take the dog out of the house suddenly, or take the dog that has been exposed to the sun back to the air-conditioned home. When dogs suffer from air conditioning disease, the first symptoms are sneezing and runny nose. They are dull in energy, anorexia and even do not eat or drink. It looks like the symptoms of a cold. In fact, it is much more serious than a cold. When it is serious, the temperature rises, the respiration and heart rate speed up. If it is not good, it will cause sudden death of dogs. Therefore, it is suggested that dog owners should not keep their dogs in the air-conditioned environment for a long time in summer. When they go out with them, it is better to choose the time when the temperature is low in the morning or evening. It is strictly prohibited for dogs to sleep under the air-conditioned vent. Generally speaking, they should stay in the environment with natural wind. Once the dog has air-conditioning disease, it should be sent to the pet hospital for treatment.

    3. Eating and drinking nutrition balance is the most important. Summer is a sweaty season, dogs will also shed a lot of water, it is important not to let them lack of water, often send to see if there is clean and sufficient water in their food basin. Do not give the dog directly out of the refrigerator food, to avoid supercooled food to stimulate gastrointestinal diseases. At best, it can make up for some nutrients containing electrolytes.

    4. Keep the dog clean in summer. If you find any abnormality on your body, such as skin disease, excessive secretion of ears and eyes, don’t forget to call the nearest veterinarian for help.

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