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    Four tips to protect the sofa from being scratched by dogs: sofa not only gives dogs a better rest, but also gives them a place to grind their claws. The owner is really distressed for the valuable sofa being shaved by the dog, but he can’t help taking the dog. But do you notice that there are many people who have dogs and their sofas are always in good condition, which is related to their training of dogs.

    1. Cutting nails regularly. Sharp nails naturally causes the greatest damage to the sofa. Therefore, cutting nails regularly for dogs is the first step to protect the sofa.

    2. When preparing the claw sharpening board. A cat’s friend will usually prepare a cat’s claw board for the cat, but the dog’s friend will often ignore this point. Since the dog wants to sharpen his claws, he may as well buy a claw sharpening board for him in advance. When a dog wants to sharpen his paws, he will not always stare at the sofa. If the dog doesn’t buy your account, you can lure the dog to use the claw sharpening board with snacks or small toys. After a period of training, the dogs will understand that it’s right to sharpen their claws on the claw sharpening board.

    3. Smell attack. Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell. If you put some taste on the sofa that they don’t like, they will stay away. The general family suggests using lemonade, which can not only make the dog far away from the sofa, but also can not stimulate people too much. Of course, if you don’t mind, it’s also very effective. If you have a water gun at home, you can try this method: when the dog wants to grab the sofa, suddenly give it a gun, the dogs will escape the scene immediately. After several attacks, the dog will stop grabbing the sofa because he doesn’t want to be attacked. However, when using this method, pay attention not to spray water into the dog’s ears. If there is water in the dog’s ears, it’s better to immediately use a cotton swab to dry the water in the ear canal.

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