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    If the domestic dogs and cats are infected with parasites, it is still a matter for the owners to worry about. In order to prevent these things, as the owners, they should take precautions and prevent them in advance. Here are four ways for your dogs and cats to avoid the harm of parasites as much as possible.

    First, fleas are far away from the grass in the park. They eat blood and can’t live on the grass for a long time, but their eggs can. At the same time, stray cats and dogs love to roll and play in the grass, which causes flea eggs and other parasite eggs in the grass. When dogs play in the grass, they will encounter stray cats and dogs from time to time. The eggs will be transferred to the dogs. Because owners try to take dogs and cats to play in the grass as little as possible, especially where stray animals often come and go.

    Second, stay away from stray dogs and cats. Although it is advocated that caring for stray dogs and cats, it’s not wise to say that it’s a good idea to let our family’s babies often contact with stray dogs and cats. Stray dogs and cats must have parasites on their bodies for a long time, especially fleas. If they are in close contact, fleas are likely to jump from stray dogs and cats to themselves Of dogs and cats.

    Third, use insect repellent spray. When the dog is out, spray some insect repellent spray similar to freon on the limbs that the dog contacts with the ground or the fart that may be contacted with other dogs. It is also an effective way to resist parasites on the body surface. The dog’s nose is very sensitive, so it can’t spray, but other places that are easy to infect body surface parasites can still use insect repellent spray.

    Fourth, the bath fluid should pay attention to the hateful parasites. We must guard against them in advance. We should do a good job from the beginning of the bath fluid. Usually, we can buy a multi-functional insecticide soap or an insect repellent bath fluid to bathe the dog. If there is one, we can kill it. If there is no one, we can prevent it. Moreover, some multi-purpose insecticide soaps or body washes have the function of killing eggs, which is really worth choosing.

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