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    The Bulldog is a medium sized dog with a broad, powerful muscular body, and a large head. The thick legs are able to support its weight, with the overall appearance being a dog of strength. The Bulldog have very large, wide and square head. The head is high and the distance from the nasal endoscope to the posterior occipital bone is quite short. The forehead is fairly flat and the face is neither protruding nor sagging. The cheeks are round and protrude to the sides beyond the eyes. The face, starting from the front of the cheek bones to the tip of the nose, is extremely short. The muzzle is very short and wide, turning up, from the corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth. The tail is naturally short and held low and close to the body.
    Bulldogs have a short coat, which is fine and glossy. The AKC recognizes the Bulldog in several different coat colors, including red, white, fallow, fawn, or any of these colors combined together. They also recognize several patterns such as piebald, brindle, black masks, ticking, and a small portion of solid black in the piebald.

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