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    Siamese cats have a distinctive look that makes them easy to spot, although the exact color of the cat will depend on their specific variety. They tend to be light bodied with darker coloring on their points, which include the space between the nose and eyes, ears, feet, and halfway up the legs and tails.
    Coat color: Body hair is uniformly monochromatic, but seal-colored spots are allowed. There is a small amount of shadow on the blue spots. Body hair color should be clearly contrasted with spot color. All the characteristic parts (nose, limbs, ears, tail) are of the same color, and there should be no mixed hair color and white. The spot color of the characteristic part should be the following four:
    Seal Point Siamese: The body is beige. Face, ears, lower part of legs, feet, and back are all seal-colored.
    Blue Point Siamese: The body is beige. The face, ears, feet, and tail are blue-gray.
    Chocolate Point Siamese: The body is ivory, and the face, ears, legs, feet, and tail are chocolate.
    Lilac Point Siamese: the body is white and pinkish gray. Face, ears, legs, and tail are lilac.

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