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    Arowana is a graceful fish. We are familiar with golden arowana, red arowana, etc. It is loved because of its slender and well-proportioned body, making it one of the ornamental fish that aquarium lovers are happy to keep. What basic facilities does Arowana need?

    1. Aquarium: Aquarium is a more convenient choice for keeping arowanas. After all, it has a small area and is more intuitive for viewing. If aquariums are used to breed arowanas, a suitable aquarium should be selected according to the fish specifications. Arowana usually moves in the upper layer of the water body. The aquarium does not need to be too high. If it is not for special purposes, the height can be 100-120CM. However, the length and width of the aquarium must be large, which is conducive to the movement of the arowana.

    2. Temperature control facilities: There are generally three types of temperature control facilities, which can be selected according to their financial resources.

    Electric heater: There are two kinds of electric heaters, one is ordinary electric heating tube, and the other is automatic temperature control electric heater. The former is also called a thermoregulator without automatic adjustment. It is cheap, but it cannot control the water temperature. It requires manual temperature measurement, and according to the water temperature change, the power is switched on or off artificially in time. The latter can automatically control the water temperature, but the price is higher. At present, automatic temperature control electric heaters are mostly used for heating arowana. There is also an electric heater composed of electric heating tubes, which is mainly used in large aquariums.

    Bottom heating wire: It is to bury the heating wire under the bottom sand of the aquarium, and slowly release heat energy, through the hot water rising and cold water falling to form a convection cycle, breaking the temperature stratification, so that the water temperature in the aquarium Elevated. The bottom heating cable is generally used in aquariums with a height of 90 cm or more, which can achieve excellent heat control effects, but its price is relatively high.

    Cooler: In tropical and subtropical areas, the summer temperature is often higher than 30 degC, resulting in hypoxia in the water in the aquarium. Arowanas are prone to diseases and physiological dysfunction. At this time, cooling equipment must be used to reduce the water temperature to 24-26 degC.

    3. Oxygenation facilities: There are many types of aeration equipment. When there are many large aquariums or aquariums, air compressors or high-power, large-output air pumps can be used to supply air. Small and medium-sized aquariums or those with a small number can be used. Air is delivered by a dedicated electric micro air compression pump. When choosing an air pump, the power should be determined according to the size and quantity of the aquarium, and the oxygen consumption of the fish. When using an air pump, you must pay attention to adjusting the amount of aeration to prevent leakage of electricity and backflow of water from the aquarium to the air pump. Do not place the air pump below the water surface, and do not bend the air pipe.

    The above mentioned are some basic equipment for arowana farming, as well as some basic hardware facilities. Of course, arowana farming is also inseparable from other environmental factors, but with these basic equipment, breeding arowana fish is no longer hard for you.

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