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    It’s very important for Schnauzer to take care of his teeth. We should let Schnauzer learn how to brush his teeth when he was young. So when Schnauzer grows up, he will be willing to let his master brush his teeth and take care of his health. In this way, the teeth of light snow will be very good in the future, and the probability of various oral diseases will be reduced. Especially if you want your Schnauzer Dog to compete in the future, you should pay more attention to brushing your dog’s teeth to maintain a good habit of oral care.
    1. The simple operation method of Schnauzer brushing teeth. In the early stage, you can use your fingers to gently caress Schnauzer’s gums. At first, just wipe the outside. Once your dog has fully adapted to this behavior, you can open its mouth at the same time to wipe the gums inside it. After the dog gets used to it, we can put the gauze around his finger to brush his gums. It’s best to use some toothpaste specially made for pets, so after a few weeks of repetition, your dog will naturally be happy to accept it.
    2. Professional Schnauzer brushing method. When brushing Xiaoxue’s teeth, it’s better to use the soft bristled pet toothbrush made of artificial fiber. At the same time, extend the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle between the teeth and gums, and make a fine circle on the teeth. Then brush up and down to remove the calculus between the teeth. Repeat until the tooth surface is clean. It will be difficult to brush the inner surface of the teeth, because your dog will resist expanding its mouth, but in the end you should be able to brush the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth. Generally, you need to brush your teeth twice a week to make it clean.
    3. Participate in the Schnauzer dental care. If your Schnauzer wants to prepare for the competition, you should pay more attention to the dental care. If possible, you can use the dental scaler, and at least once a week. However, after a long time like this, it will still accumulate and form tartar, especially the adult Schnauzer. So we often scrape away the tartar to help them reduce the bad smell of the mouth, which is good for them to chew food and promote good appetite. All dogs on the court must go through the examination of teeth. Too much tartar will make a bad impression on the referee. Dogs must be used to open their mouths and clean their teeth since childhood. If you are an adult dog who has never experienced this kind of cleaning action, you may not be able to successfully complete this work, and on the contrary, it will make them feel scared, cause some psychological shadow, and even refuse to let the referee touch the mouth in the future competition field. So it is an important topic to let dogs get used to it from childhood. Many people are surprised to see that some dog owners shave their Schnauzer dogs’ teeth, because they wonder why the dog is so obedient and can bear to be kept scratching its teeth with a metal tooth scraper. In fact, the secret is only to “let him get used to it from childhood”.

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