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    In clinic, many drugs are not allowed for pregnant women to eat, so pregnant women are a very special group of people, so what problems should be paid special attention to when pregnant women want to spend the period with pets?

    1. Feed your pets pet food. Don’t let them pick up food outside. It is easy to get sick if they eat things outside. If the owner also likes to be very close to the pet, it is easy to be infected.

    2. Pet’s excrement is the hotbed of bacteria and insect eggs, so we should clean up pet’s excrement every day, wear gloves when handling, wash hands immediately after the event, but it’s best to let dad to do the work.

    3. Pregnant mothers with pets should wash their hands frequently, especially after close contact with pets.

    4. Prepare a special food plate for pets, place it separately from other appliances in the home, and wash it with boiling water frequently. Because the eggs can’t survive under water above 80 degC.

    5. Give pets regular physical examination and see a doctor in time in case of any abnormality.

    6. Bathe your pet regularly and keep it clean. Only when you are sick can you not come to your house, but you can’t wash it too often.

    7. Teach pets to defecate in a fixed place to prevent the bacteria in their excrement from harming pregnant mothers unconsciously.

    8. Always clean the pet’s nest and the house. It’s better to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the environment, which can absorb all the hair, dust and parasite eggs.

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