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    The grooming and brushing of the dog’s coat must not be taken lightly, otherwise it will not only affect the appearance, but also easily hurt the dog. If you don’t take care of their hair, they are prone to skin diseases. You should know that dogs are only the animals most prone to skin diseases. Therefore, their hair must be combed and brushed frequently. Use a brush to brush hair, including removing dead hair and knots from the whole body.

    However, different brushes should be used according to different hair qualities. Long haired dogs and soft haired dogs are better to use a brush, because they will not break their hair. The bristle brush can be divided into horse bristle brush (brown) and pig bristle brush (black). The former is suitable for medium soft dogs such as Yorkshire, while the latter is suitable for soft dogs such as Shih Tzu and Pekingese. If the knot is serious, you can use the knot remover and bottom hair rake to help clean up the knots, but the disadvantage is that there is a large amount of hair loss, and the hair will be incomplete.

    If you want to remove the serious knots, you need to add products such as knot remover and beauty powder to help clear the scale and greatly reduce the hair damage. When you choose the right comb, you should take the right posture seriously. Because of the improper way of holding the comb, you can’t do the work of combing and brushing completely. You may also hurt the dog due to excessive application of force.

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