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    Alaskan sled dogs live in cold areas all year round, so they are covered with very thick hair. Keep it at home as a pet dog. Parents should make sure to comb it at least once a day. So how can we comb it?

    Remove the dust and dirt on the hair and the hair hidden in the hair. Keep Alaskan sled dogs clean and tidy. To comb an Alaskan sled dog, you should first choose a proper and professional comb. This is not only convenient for the owner to use, but also suitable for the dog’s special body shape, so as to avoid unnecessary pulling in the comb and hurting Alaska. Grooming an Alaskan sled dog is easy, but before grooming, parents should communicate with the dog to let Alaskan people relax their fear and tension. Then stabilize it around you and start formal grooming.
    Grooming can start from the dog’s head, followed by the neck, chest, back, abdomen, limbs, buttocks, tail, etc. When carding, pay attention to first combing along the direction of hair. When carding the abdomen and buttocks, it should be gentle and slow. Because these parts are more sensitive in Alaska, if parents pull hard, it will cause pain, emotional tension, and hair combing can’t work normally.
    In addition, after the first carding, it is necessary to comb once against the direction of hair growth, thoroughly comb the hair smoothly, and finally finish it once along the hair. At the same time, when grooming, parents need to check whether the dog’s fur is healthy, whether there is any sign of infection with parasites, if there is any, they need to timely sterilization and disinfestation to avoid skin diseases.

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