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    Although it’s difficult to take care of Cocker Spaniel’s hair, it needs the owner’s patience. Keep learning and accumulating experience.
    1. Use the coarse tooth comb to comb the tangled part of the coat. For cocker spaniel, long and silky ear hair should be taken care of during carding.
    2. Fine tooth comb shall be used under the jaw, at the tail and at the back of the ear. In addition, carefully trim the hair around the eyes, feet and under the tail with round head or scissors.
    3. Brush along the direction of the coat. The coat is from the head to the back, and then from the back to the foot.
    4. The hair on the head and back of silk and steel wool must be removed. To protect your fingers, wear rubber gloves.
    5. Sometimes it is necessary to use a scalpel or haircut. In addition, according to the situation, use pear shaped scissors to trim the back hair before bathing.
    6. When bathing, spray powder on the whole body after showering with dry hair detergent, and then use a brush to brush the powder into the back hair room, leaving the head for final treatment.
    7. After brushing, wipe the coat dry, and then rub the coat with silk cloth or velvet cloth. Finally, use special spray water to make the coat glossy.
    8. Finally, the nail can be cut according to the dog’s condition. Puppies can cut their nails 2-3 weeks after birth to prevent scratching the abdominal cortex when sucking the mother’s milk. In addition, cultivate good habits from childhood, grow up naturally.

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