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    The feces of Cocker Spaniel are easy to touch the hair around the anus. If left unattended, bacteria will breed and cause disease. But it’s too difficult to clean it after each excretion, so it’s better to cut the hair around the anus to prevent feces contamination.

    1. Preparation before trimming. Before trimming, first wash the hair stained with dirt with bath gel, and untie the hair knot which is hard due to dirt, and confirm which place should be cut and which place should not be cut,. In order to ensure the safety of dogs, small sharp and easy-to-use scissors are used for trimming.

    2. Cut short the area around the anus. Lift up the dog’s tail and fix the dog’s body. Cut off the hair around the anus with small scissors. Take the anus as the center and 2. 3cm as the radius to form a circle. To ensure that the dog does not move, you can talk while nursing.

    3. Precautions for trimming. Do not cut the anus at will before confirming the position of the anus, otherwise it will cause serious injury to the dog, so it is very important to confirm the position of the anus first.

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