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    Don’t make unnecessary restrictions on dogs The relationship between owners and dogs is very delicate. Dogs are family and friends for us, and we are teachers and friends for dogs. However, we should not put dogs in the same position as us, because too much “respect” for dogs can easily lead to mistakes in their sense of hierarchy, so they mistakenly think that their own hierarchy should be superior to the owners. Once the dog has such an idea, we will encounter a lot of troubles in the future education and training process, so how to deal with the relationship between us and the dog is particularly important.

    1. We are the owners. That is not to limit dogs completely. Although we as the owners of dogs have the right to manage dogs, we can not completely suppress dogs and make them lose their original nature. Of course, we should organize some wrong behaviors, but we don’t need to make a fuss about some unimportant problems. For example, some owners don’t let their dogs go out completely for fear that their dogs will bite, which limits their freedom. In fact, this is totally unnecessary. As long as we wear a leash when we go out, we can still ensure the safety of dogs and others.
    2. Let the dog willingly obey himself. Some people may think that the best way to make the dog obey himself / herself is to force him / her. In fact, coercion can have some effect, but the effect is not ideal. When dogs obey you because of fear, they become cautious and lose confidence in themselves, so it’s difficult for you to build a interdependent partnership, and it also loses its happy nature. In any case, it’s sad. The most hierarchical behavior among wolves is the order of “eating”. Dogs also maintain this nature. So, when eating, you can prepare their food and put it in front of them, but they are not allowed to eat. If you can’t control your dog very well, you can lock them in a cage or tie them with a leash, and then put the food where they can see but can’t eat.
    3. When the dogs are willing to obey themselves, you can eat your meal in front of them. No matter how they protest, they must ignore it and never compromise. When you have finished eating, let them eat again. In this way, they will understand that the leader is the first to eat. Usually, we don’t recommend to look at strange dogs with eyes, because it is a provocative behavior in their eyes. However, the relationship between the owner and the dog is different. Some studies have shown that the relationship between the owner and the dog can be promoted and the dog’s trust in the owner can be enhanced. But don’t look down from the top when looking at the dog. This will bring pressure to the dog. You should squat down and look at the dog head-on. Ignore properly: when a dog can’t accept you or is aggressive against you, the best way to do it is not to force it, but to ignore it. What a dog can’t stand is not that you force him, but that you don’t pay attention to him. You can also use this method when you need to punish a dog whose behavior doesn’t satisfy you. The concrete way is to limit it to an independent space, not to look at it, not to think about it, pretending that it does not exist at all. This kind of cold violence is good for improving some behaviors of dogs.

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