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    Chicken liver mainly contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin D, phosphorus and other components. It has high nutritional value, good palatability and unique fishy smell, which is loved by dogs and cats. However, if you eat liver for a long time, and only eat liver, you will have some diseases.

    Dogs and cats who eat liver for a long time due to postpartum convulsion lose a large amount of calcium due to lactation, and they have little calcium in reserve, so they are prone to low blood calcium, which is manifested as panting, salivation, convulsion and limb rigidity. If the treatment is not timely, it may cause death.
    Obesity is due to the rich fat and carbohydrates in chicken liver. Therefore, excessive energy consumption in dogs and cats over a long period of time can lead to obesity, which will increase the incidence rate of diabetes, pancreatitis and cardiovascular diseases.
    Calcium deficiency is due to the high phosphorus content in the liver and the low calcium content. At the same time, phosphorus can inhibit the absorption of calcium. Eating the liver for a long time will lead to the lack of calcium in the body, resulting in rickets in young dogs and cats or rickets in adult dogs and cats.
    There are many growth promoting agents in the feed of skin pruritus chickens. Most of these chemicals are metabolized by the liver. Therefore, eating chicken liver for a long time will cause food allergy or chronic accumulative poisoning and easily lead to skin diseases.
    Vitamin A poisoning chicken liver contains a large amount of vitamin A. if the dog is fed with chicken liver mixed with carrot, it will cause excessive vitamin A. if the dog is not discharged in time, it will cause accumulation poisoning of vitamin A, causing pain, lameness, tooth loss and other diseases.
    The blood coagulation of the bleeding body needs the participation of calcium. If the dog and cat eat the liver for a long time to cause calcium deficiency, it will cause coagulation dysfunction, and it is not easy to stop bleeding in case of chronic bleeding or acute bleeding.

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