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    In the face of haze, every careful owner has his own way to deal with it. Some owners will put masks on the dogs, and some owners will give the dogs something nutritious to eat to increase their resistance. In fact, in the face of haze, we need to truly achieve comprehensive maintenance. Here are the key points of dog health care in haze days.

    1. It’s better to walk the dog when the sun comes out, so it’s better for the dog who can’t wear a mask. It’s recommended to wear a mask when walking the dog.

    2. Go back home and wash your face with warm water. It’s better for the dog to wipe his face with warm water.

    3. Drink more water, cook some bird’s nest, Cordyceps sinensis or white fungus and Sydney every day, moisten the lungs and clear the throat, promote the body fluid and quench thirst.

    4. The water dispenser of the dog should be cleaned every day, and the drinking water should be kept clean and changed frequently. Haze is the punishment of environment to human beings. We should think about environmental protection while developing rapidly.

    It is reminded that you here that if the dog can solve the problem of defecation indoors in the haze weather, try not to go out; if the dog has to go out for a walk, it must pay attention to the protection work, and the dog’s health needs to be accumulated bit by bit every day!

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