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    In the 21st century, most men, women, old and young people regard pets as treasures. We should never let our ignorant love hurt your pets. We only eat healthy ones instead of expensive ones. Here are some fruits and vegetables that are good for your dog’s physical and mental health.

    1. Chicken breast: when the digestive organs of dogs such as gastrointestinal are weak, it is very suitable to eat chicken breast with high protein and low calorie. Chicken breast does not contain excess fat, especially for dogs on diet, it is an indispensable ingredient to supplement animal protein. (Note: don’t give the dog chicken skin and neck. Among the chicken, it’s best to give the dog chicken breast.)

    2. Salmon: It has high fat and calories, and it contains unsaturated fatty acids. It can be a useful supplement for your dog who is too thin.

    3. Beef: High in calories, high in protein, low in fat, and rich in trace elements. It is suitable for “fattening” the emaciated dog.

    4. Cauliflower (broccoli): Cauliflower is composed of bracts and stems. Besides β – carotene, vitamin B1, B2 and C, it also contains iron and food fiber, which is a very nutritious food. Especially the fiber content of the stem is very rich.

    5. Apple: Rich in food fiber, which is very helpful to improve constipation or intestinal problems. In addition, pectin in Apple fiber is also very effective to eliminate toxins in the body. However, because apples contain too much sugar, be careful not to overeat them.

    6. Oatmeal: Oatmeal made from oats contains 8 kinds of vitamins and minerals, which is rich in food fiber. Dogs with constipation problems, if oatmeal is added to the diet, will often have a good effect.

    7. Pumpkin: pumpkin is easy to feel full. In addition to rich fiber, it also contains various nutrients such as vitamin B2, B12, vitamin C and carotene. Vitamin B2 can prevent anemia. Pumpkin can also improve constipation in dogs.

    8. Cabbage: Because it contains sulfur and chlorine, it can clear the stomach and intestines of dogs. It also contains vitamin A, B group, calcium, sodium, iron and other nutrients. The part close to the center of the cabbage is rich in vitamin C, and the part of the cabbage leaf is rich in β – carotene.

    9. Potato: Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and food fiber, among which sweet potato has the highest content of food fiber. In particular, sweet potato contains mucus protein, which is particularly effective for excretion of accumulated intestinal excretion. Note: dogs with arthritis, parasites and respiratory disorders should never eat!

    10. Soybean: Rich in plant protein. When the dog is deficient in protein, it will not only cause weakness, but also increase the possibility of virus infection. However, it should be noted that if you want your dog to eat soybeans, please boil them with water until they are very soft and rotten, and then serve them to your dog.

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