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    Dachshund is a short legged, long body hound. Its name comes from Germany, originally meaning “badger dog”. This breed has been developed to sniff, track, and kill badgers and other burrowing animals. Interestingly, although “dachshund” is a German word, it is not commonly used in Germany, which usually calls it dackel or teckel.

    Dachshund is easy to raise in all dog breeds. Because the Dachshund ‘s nature is independent, it is easy to take care of it. In the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s tomb, it was first found that the dog with long body and short limbs was carved. Later, it was proved to be the original ancestor of German dachshund, which shows that the dog has existed for thousands of years. In the murals of ancient Egyptian monasteries, stone carving models and clay products of such sausage dogs can be found on Mexico, Greece, Peru and Chinese mainland by the portrait of these short legs. According to the remains of dachshund like dogs excavated from the remains of ancient Roman people in Germany, it is considered that this dog is a pure breed dog from Dutang.

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