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    French Bulldogs were first bred in England by crossing dwarfed Bulldogs with Pugs and terriers. Around 1860, many toy bulldogs flowed from France to France, where they crossed with other local breeds of dogs and eventually became this French bulldog with flat head, rose ears or bat ears. In 1868, a small bulldog appeared in Paris, which may be the earliest French bulldog. When the Paris castle was surrounded by the Prussians in 1871, the dog was already numerous. The French Bulldog was exhibited for the first time in 1889, and it quickly attracted people’s attention and love.
    Once the French Bulldogs became well-known in France, American tourists also fell in love with them, bringing the dogs back to the United States. In 1898 the AKC recognized the French Bulldog as a breed and they also became extremely popular here. They were the 6th most registered breed in 2016.

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