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    The golden retriever from Scotland can be popular all over the world. In addition to its golden coat, it attracts everyone, but also because of their natural and gentle personality. To trace the history of the Golden Retriever dog, it probably traveled until 1865, when hunting was popular in Scotland, so medium-sized dog breeds that were good at hunting wild animals were popular with hunters.
    Later, a nobleman in Scotland tried to mix and breed the yellow Labrador Retriever with the extinct Labrador Retriever. After the breed was improved, it became the golden retriever today.
    The Golden Retriever was popular in the United Kingdom for a while, and its popularity continued to increase. It was very popular among the British. In 1903, the first Golden Retriever was officially registered with the British Dog Club. Eight years later, the British Golden Retriever Association was established, which is famous England. Later, some tourists who traveled to the United Kingdom brought the Golden Retriever to the United States, Canada and other places for hunting. Until 1932, AKC established the Golden Retriever Dog Association (GRCA), and now has thousands of members. Fifty years later, the Golden Retriever won three consecutive championships in the AKC dog obedience competition. In 2001, the Golden Retriever was selected by the AKC as one of the ten most popular registered dog breeds, ranking second only to the Labrador Retriever, and it was unrivaled.

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